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An endoscopy requires sedation. Once the procedure is through, you will be moved to a recovery area. When the effects of the drug have worn off then, you’ll be discharged. One of the many questions that will probably pop in your head is this: What food can you eat after this procedure? Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

Go for something light

Take it easy. You want to go for either a light breakfast or lunch once you’ve gone home after the procedure. Stay away from anything that’s too heavy or that might put undue pressure on your throat, especially if you just had a gastroscopy.

You can have juice

Right after the procedure, you can already consume a bit of juice, says Community Health Network. Since you will still be groggy from the effects of the sedative, it’s best if you have someone with you to help you out.

You will need help

Aside from assistance in helping you get to your car from the hospital, it’s best if you make arrangements in advance and have someone with you at the hospital. It never hurts to have someone there to support you while you undergo the procedure. And even if they wait until the effects of the sedation have worn off before they discharge you, you still won’t be in any condition to drive. You’ll want to have someone with you to take care of all these things.

It will take time

If you’re thinking of getting an upper GI endoscopy during your lunch hour, you might want to rethink that decision. After the procedure, you’ll need to stay at the hospital until you recover. That’s about an hour or 2 hours at most. And you’ll probably be advised by the staff or your doctor at the endoscopy center in Jacksonville FL to go home and rest. Follow that advice. That’s going to be better for you.

You will have side-effects

After the procedure, you might end up with bloating or nausea. However, these will easily go away. If they don’t, though, then it’s time to call your doctor.

Other things to know

Complications might arise in some cases. That’s why if you feel any pain or discomfort, don’t dismiss them. Call your doctor right away. Contact the endoscopy center in Jacksonville FL where you sought out treatment in the first place.

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