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It is estimated that more than a million Americans suffer from colitis and its related conditions like Crohn’s disease. These two illnesses are so similar, in fact, that before a diagnosis is reached, many cases of Crohn’s disease are called colitis, even if these cases don’t end up evolving into ulcerative colitis or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the two most common kinds of colitis found in patients.

In fact, there is a wide spectrum of digestive disease at work in the world today, which both falls within and without the existing framework of disease identification. But why the upsurge in gut disease in recent decades? And where can I find the best treatment for colitis in Jacksonville?

Where Does Colitis come From?

Our modern diets are very different today from how they were thousands of years ago. Humanity has shifted from a daily diet of meats, roots, and berries, to a diet dominated largely by grain and processed meats. It’s possible, even likely, that our contemporary choices in foods are at least partially to blame for the surge of diseases such as Crohn’s, IBS & colitis.

What Can I Do?

What’s the best treatment for colitis in Jacksonville? Of course, general upkeep of your health is an obvious plus; better nutrition, exercise, etcetera. Once pain sets in after diarrhea, or if, right after going, you feel you need to go again, it’s time to check in with some digestive disease professionals to see what’s going on. Other symptoms of colitis include fever, chills, fatigue, and dehydration, as well as general malaise.

Generally, if you have had a poor diet, experienced obesity, diabetes, or other common diet-related illnesses, you may be at greater risk for a digestive disease, and it might be wise to consult with a professional. What professional resources exist in the Jacksonville area to help you get your life back from colitis?

The Answer to Digestive Disease

For the best treatment for colitis in Jacksonville, our team at Digestive Disease Consultants (DDC) will make sure you’re in good hands. With four locations and a staff of passionate doctors with decades of real experience fighting colitis, we’re sure to meet your every need and send you away with the hope that the end is in sight for your inflammatory bowel disease. Get in touch with us by calling 904-388-8686 or by filling out our contact form found here: http://ddcjax.com/contact